asking too much

i used to think i had a good sense of humor
i thought i could take a joke as well as the next person
i laughed at the trip on the concrete, the falling paint can,
the bash on the head, the tumble down the stairs

when i was a child, i joked more like an adult:
people always seem to like children who are already cynical
beyond their years, like when you inform them that most
of the laugh tracks on the television were recorded in the 1950s,
so most of the people laughing these days are already dead.

forgive me, but i just don’t find sitcoms entertaining,
contemporary cartoons confuse me,
and the average internet meme
works with an understanding of horror
at existence that i am already well familiar with.

i watch the office men slap each other on the ass
in that good-old-boy fashion and light their cigars,
and these still half-grown 50-something year old
housewives titter hysterically at someone else’s expense.

maybe i’m too serious for my own good.

maybe wanting to laugh with joy at something pure
is asking too much.


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