upon the shore

to the sea go all our heaps of unrealized dreams
the older we get, the more memories we have to sift through,
surrendering some to the earth, augering them into the dirt.
we think we’ve finally put them to rest but they float up into
the atmosphere and always find their way back home to nestle
against our faces that go slack with sleep as the sun drops
below the horizon. we dream of traveling underwater, which
is alot like traveling through space, though we swim through
gardens of kelp instead of fields of stars. we have learned to
breathe underwater but we have not learned to keep our
hearts open, believing that the pearls have already been taken
from the shells. the grains of sand ripen beneath the moonlight,
but when we reach for them they are only iridescent illusion.
listen hard for the silence after the crashing of the wave.
look to the surface so that we may break our hearts again
and again upon the shore until we are complete.


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