cognitive dissonance between expectations and reality

maybe it is the expectation that keeps me from going,
but i have never been to cape cod to go whale watching
and i have never gone to maine to eat crustaceans
with butter that i would catch with my tongue as it
dripped down my finger in a manner i imagine a man
might come at me, hungry, lips parted, looking for
something salty. it is morning. i wash the brine of last
night’s dreams out of my hair. the sound must be
different from the recordings, but no one listens to
whale song on vinyl. to stare into a whale’s eye is to
see the universe in eternity, to know the weight of the
world under the heaviness of sky and depth of water.
it is the expectation of something salty that makes
the sweetness of the butter so pronounced.
off the coast of new zealand, 200 whales beach themselves
and it is only the expectations of the people watching
that keeps them from flying free into the sky.


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