road closed

sweaty-palmed, i grip the wheel and veer
off from my straight-arrowed path–
the ramp says “closed” so i get lost
in the wide empty streets
not worrying, thinking about instead
how much it costs to heat all of these huge houses
if their inhabitants wake up in the mornings
freezing, padding silently across the dining room
with its fresh carpet marks
to the refrigerator in the kitchen.
i crane my neck looking for some glimpse
of glamour in the everyday-ness of it all,
the lives other people are living,
when i think i am so unique
having been called a flower
by a man who will die without
ever seeing me again.
i pass the bird sanctuary
but it is empty today.
my car smells of smoke
and my hair is crackling with electricity
from last night’s dreams.
i will come home and press my finger to the touchpad
of my computer repeatedly,
but it still won’t recognize me.


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