a digital sea of sameness where everyone is different

what is it to stay the same

what is it to wake up each morning
and feel like the same girl woman person thing
with memories intact and a steady emotional barometer

(continuity of emotion is overrated in this 21st century.)

i want to live a life (mostly) without glory
i want to be just like everyone else
but we have all these neat compartments
that we dangle people over
and then let them fall

box me in with walls made of memory
call me stupid.

my brain doesn’t work right
it tells me to be different
when the rest of you are the same
but when we’re different from each other
we’re both being the same.

the ocean always changes
(myriad amplitudes)
and yet is always the same
(it’s always there.)

will i say the same for you

or would you be different?


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