follow the river

chip away at the geologic fractures in my skull to find fossilized memory:
we were standing on an expanse of wood flooring and i felt the sudden urge
to dance there above the boat basin where we had little to moor–shucking off
our possessions we stood on a tiny beach littered with trash that was our haven
of found objects: a water chestnut mistaken for a skate egg casing, driftwood,
my heart half-buried in coarse sand. we followed the winding road further
still, the sun-glint spreading its shoulders over the water, my arm draped
across your shoulder as i ran my fingers through the tiny curls at the base
of your neck. the leaves were just starting to spread their blush across
the sky, succored by my fingers across their bark, your lips across the lobe
of my ear. the morning rang its brass bells begotten of wind and we were reborn
in cascades of water, one with the river currents, the currents of our hearts.


addicts [fragment]

with sundered skulls we skittered through the streets
damp with neon closer to the edges where the lights fell off
our red-rimmed eyes like margarita glasses dipped in cayenne pepper
i turned to you and asked how many hearts have gone up our noses
you laughed with star-flash teeth and had yourself another