the reflection of the moon in water

i thought i saw a light where the land meets the sea
a signal that you were coming back to me
i’m staring down the ocean like i could make it recede
and go back to where it was birthed from a trembling seed
all rivers leading to one place: my heart, of course
and drowning is just a return to the source
and even the moon has to let go sometimes
when the water rushes in at the shoreline
to comfort me where i am buried up to my neck
waiting for you to come back from the wreck.


One Comment

  1. i like this poem, especially how the last line brings the concept home. another thing i like about this piece is how it’s written as one sentence; that’s cool. (p.s. this is not one of those spam replies to get you to go to my site. i get a lot of those.)


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