safe words

safe word is strong

they tell you to pick a word
you wouldn’t normally use

but how strong
is your safe word
when you never use it

how strong am i.

safe word is avocado

but that sounds too masculine

choose avocada

today is the day i wake up in bed
and decide i am a girl
but needing some evidence to back this up
i feel for my genitals
beneath my boy’s boxer shorts

and am not convinced

safe word is hyacinth

dammit, someone picked that one already.

[this is a poem about my genitals.
you just don’t know it.]

safe word is ‘fifty shades of robert pattinson’s beautiful chiseled face beneath a full moon right before he is about to kiss me’

but honestly

i’d rather just have you hurt me instead.

today i am a beautiful boy who is only pretending to be a girl.
i press myself up against you and you feel something,
you’re pretty sure,
but you’re not. quite. sure.

safe word is stop
but i don’t want you to stop.
safe word is no
no no no
(yes yes yes)
safe word is yes,
the unsafest safe word of them all.

safe word is just a word.

you’re never really safe.

i don’t know today who or what
i am.
there’s nothing safe about that.
some girls wear dresses and feel (oh i hate the word) girly.
i wear a dress and i feel like an imposter.
so i choose words closest to my heart
i choose words like different
and awesome
and sliding scale.

and then my words are smiles have no gender



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