if you’re sleeping with one eye open, you’re being cautious
if you’re sleeping with both eyes open, you’re probably dead

but i’m not paranoid. i know exactly where i stand: on empty air

i’m supposed to be straight but i’d be lying
if i said i wasn’t queer for you
which is to say
i think you’re a little strange
but i’m sick of being strangers
and my heart feels the strangest
when i look at you sleeping with your eyes closed

and know you can

because you’re by my side.

but this is not a love poem. this is a like poem.

i like when you chew on my lower lip
like it’s marshmallow candy
i like when you suck the marrow
out of my words
and chew on some silly thought that i had
and probably didn’t mean

but i mean this:

when my breath presses on your eyelashes like they are piano keys
when the chorus is a sigh, over and over again,
i will make sure to write down every name you breathe in your sleep

even though it is not mine.


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