bidding wars

all i want for christmas is my four wisdom teeth removed and a chance
to tell you that though i have loved you for many years you’re still
just a guy in a suit. a red suit, a gray pinstripe suit, a hazmat suit,
it’s all the same. the skyline is silent and it is not the silence of snow
falling, but the deep thrall of over-exhaustion from way too much
shopping. i tried to buy a new heart on ebay but they’re hard to come
by this time of year, seems like everyone’s had a broken promise this
season. i bid on a clock to put inside my chest instead, but someone
else got it at the very last minute–it was not without some relief,
because now i don’t have to keep track of how long i’ve been holding
this empty glass. the wrapped boxes have been hollowed out and there’s
a note inside each one that reads you were expecting…? so please
make sure everyone gets one, we’ve set ourselves up for this all year
and now we sure as hell don’t want to be disappointed.


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