the butterfly’s wings being ripped off effect

this is not god’s work. nor is it the devil’s hands,
and why was there such a protest over the couple naming
their child lucifer, it means carrier of light. we all carry fire
some of us in our hands, some of us up our asses. you were
trapped in a candleflame that has since been extinguished
and now we all wander in the dark because of you. you think
the butterfly’s wings will not cause the hurricane if you
could just crush it quickly enough. you believe you can
throw stones without rippling the water’s surface. i say
to you this: water will be moved just as hearts and minds
may be moved, though they are made of different substance,
and when i say it hurts to see your picture in the frame
where you don’t live anymore (i don’t say this to you of
course) i just hope you’ve got a big enough umbrella
for the tsunami that’s coming.


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