the body, rejected

she sleeps with the moon beneath her pillow but
it never comes out, the daylight comes and guts
what is left of her till she is just a soft frame
of skin, hollowed out and empty, and just the same
as a rotten peach. sliding beneath the door
she inches her way across pavement, the sun a sore
in the sky, and the neighbors will all
wonder if that lump of flesh took her pills
or turned off the heater or emptied the dishwasher
but no one will think of what it takes to fill her
nor will they care. she becomes an amoeba,
single-celled pain, the quiet penumbra
of her heart lost maybe beneath the sea
or shit on by birds as they nest in the trees
and forsaken as she is by her own bones
she will abandon her body’s colorless tones
and ascend through the atmosphere
with no thoughts of yesterday, so far from here.


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