songs from the stones, part 12

you found me asleep in the flowers.
i lay curled up with puffed lips
cradling a bee hive in my arms
and i wouldn’t let go.
you picked me up and shook out
all the bad,
holding a dreamcatcher
and a quartz crystal
above my head. i went looking
for stones for you,
sifted dirt and sand to find
flecks of jasper and bloodstone.
i found a bit of bone but
quickly covered it over.
i did not want to dream of
the dead tonight.
there are dinosaurs in the oil
and we are aflame with affection.
you hold a kiss in your palm,
but which hand, which hand.
i came upon an ocean
and you called out to me from
the lighthouse but when i reached
the top you were gone.
where i walked along the shoreline
roses bloomed and thrived despite
the salt from the sea.
i swung a knot of weed
over my head and whistled
three times to summon you,
and when i turned you were there,
with amethysts in your hands,
those songs of the earth,
my songs for you.


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