you’ll only see me if you blink. i move so slow you could close
your eyes for whole minutes, open them, and i’d still be there,
winding wire around your heart. blink twice because peripheral
vision is not to be trusted, or maybe you just have something
in your eye. i don’t know if she was winking at me or just had
dirt in her eye
. i’d bet on the dirt. blink and wiggle your–(ah,
you thought i’d say something else)–nose and i’ll call you genie.
i’ll shove you down into that lamp and never let you out. winkin’
and nod got along fine, but blinkin’ was always the one putting
the cement in their bed. when it hardens you stay asleep forever.
dry-eye syndrome just means you get to see more ghosts. your
cynicism took your tear ducts away a long time ago. you blink
but you cannot cry. you’re an adult now. now you’re old. you’ll
go blind and i’ll say i told you so.


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