i swallowed the hive of bees to keep from eating but it was no
good. they stung my lips, my bee-stung lips pouted and pressed
against yours, my teeth nibbled at you like you were a chocolate
easter bunny (always the ears first) then swallowed capsules to
ensure you would be expunged from me later. my fingers gripped
the rim of the toilet and it has such a bad rep but then it is
light like emptiness, empty like lightness. but i am still swollen
with need, my lips are stained like plums that have too many carbs,
i want to cry the fat out of my eyes, i want to vomit up my organs
because they are so heavy inside me. i slowly lick the magazine
covers to taste what skinniness tastes like, which is like nothing.
i eye you where you lay spread out on the bed like the sweetest
banquet, your head like a soft peach, your heart dripping caramel.
and i am a hungry girl.


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