alignments and calibrations

realign your spine, count the red cells, hold fingertip to
fingertip because you could chew out the side of your mouth
but i heard every word you said and i’m holding you to it.
measure out your inconsistencies, all the feigned innocence,
measure yourself out like flour but don’t forget to sift.
i made you a cake with a dull saw inside, i used a spoon
to slit my wrists, measuring out blood by how strong you
like your coffee. sugar dissolves inside us but doesn’t
make our words any sweeter. i string your words together
but rearrange them how i want. rearrange how these events
happened and you might have a different opinion. rearrange
these tangram pasts and connect these thoughts with the vein
i ripped out of my arm. check the pressure of your stare
and recalibrate your heart. it’s always so inaccurate.


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