divination III

i kept your memory beneath my pillow, took it out when i needed
to feel bad about myself which was every day that ended with a y
y was that you i saw on the two of swords, amber eyes hidden by
a blindfold that i myself had tied around your head, your head
that i held in my fool’s hands and wrapped in silk for safe-
keeping. i lit candles for all everything that had been ravaged,
i lit a candle but it would not catch and you sucked in your
breath and shook your head. a bad omen, you whispered. but we
were no seers. we could not have seen what they would find when
they discovered the remnants of dreams in the morning, but they
would know that you had stolen one because you had promised me
we would be lovers, you had promised me the world. why couldn’t
i shake out the image of your face from my quartz crystal ball,
why did i keep smelling you in the incense smoke that settled
in my sheets, where i lay the high priestess of loss waiting
for death to take me upon his white horse. now there are three
swords pierced through me, one for each time you called me your
love, the cards have been cast and my heart knows no temperance.



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