[ i must admit, i was more interested… ]

i must admit, i was more interested in the delivery
than the content, the ever-changing expressions
on your face, grimaces of glory and the oh of your
lips like the dot of an exclamation point, where
dwells all force and vigor. but i watched closely
for those moments when your face was open and
vulnerable, plain and beseeching. that would be
the moment when i would swoop down and kick your
teeth in. you’d want an apology later, and i would
refuse, citing your weak liver as justifiable
reason. see, the truth is is that although i saw
you hanging off that bannister i don’t believe
i’ve ever seen you drunk to know i prefer you
sober, or that levels of seratonin are never
a guaranteed thing, especially between the
orbits of people and i do think you are one
proton short of a positive charge, but i accept
this in the same way that i accept things like
light pollution and couldn’t you shine just
a little brighter for me. your pupils are the
size of universes and i think i can see the rings
of saturn as you read your poem about love and
other things that elude science.


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