[i felt you like the silence at the end of a scream]

i felt you like the silence at the end of a scream
no echoing reverberation, just a damp sick stillness
that festers unsaid accusations, mold beneath your
tongue, distilled hatred to be put up on the ledge
where i sit nightly weighing intent and means, what
i’ve lost. what you now don’t know you’ve lost.
the precision of words like a dropper over a slide,
they teem like a virus and can kill you in the space
of a sentence. i opened up your throat to see what
you had to say and found nothing worth the salt
from the corners of my eyes. we’ll not speak of this
ever again.



  1. very fine tuned piece.
    keep sharing!

    I invite you to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

    let me know when you are ready.
    Merry Christmas…
    Stay Blessed….


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