we found the names of our lovers in
the ouija board and wrote them on curled
bits of paper, surrendering them to wind
that might manifest a dark-eyed pillar of
earth. traces of fire on his teeth. our
mothers put fig leaves over the tarot card
lovers, but we knew what to expect.
casting stones, we examined the tea leaves
to see how many children we would have,
young bodies aching to be occupied.
i replaced my eye with a quartz crystal
and caught a glimpse of your shadow
through rainbow inclusions. the future
we knew already, a pendulum swinging
over the word yes. yes, we had
tucked our souls away in aged trees
for safe-keeping. yes, i always knew
you and death would come. i waited
with my arms clasped over my heart,
light as a feather, stiff as rigor mortis.


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