[our love was a dwindling myth…]

our love was a dwindling myth
passed down by tired mouths
and the time for snipped threads
was fast approaching. hearts
like signal fires lit the way
even though we knew we
couldn’t hide. leaving gifts
of broken watches for the gods,
we kissed gently but not without
urgency as the scissor blades
flashed. we were mostly frayed ends
anyway. i would have slipped
you a pomegranate seed if i
thought it would make you stay.



  1. May I take but a moment of your time and convey my admiration for your work. Poetry too has a way with me as no other literary form.

    Kindest Thoughts,


  2. You remind me, so very much, of a love of mine, that had also dwindled. Thank you (In a completely non-sarcastic way) for opening those wounds, to allow me not to forget why I am who I am.


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